Get Involved

You can attend business visits and networking events, participate in training, travel to international events or run a community project. We also enjoy meeting socially and many members form great friendships through JCI.

JCI UK is active in five areas:

  • Business
  • Training
  • International
  • Community
  • Social

JCI Southampton encourages people who want to develop their skills and experience in a supportive environment to become a member, but more importantly to get involved!  JCI is a ‘learning by doing’ organisation and the more you get involved the more you’ll get out of your membership.

JCI has five areas of opportunity; business, training, community, international & social. They all go hand in hand and this combination makes JCI a great organisation for further developing your skills.

By getting involved you can gain practical hands-on experience, plan events, be part of a project team or take on a position within our Council team. It also provides an opportunity to make new friends and get on in your career.


Suggest new projects and events

You are also welcome to suggest ideas for events and projects you would like JCI Southampton to get involved with.  JCI is a global organisation and the more you see of it the more fascinating it gets! Run by its own members it still has a huge impact all over the world. So it is up to you to make a difference. Get involved now, the more you learn about JCI the more you can influence.



JCI Southampton works with members and supporters to host a programme of business events, an excellent way of getting involved with the commercial side of life in Southampton.


JCI Southampton exists to support the development of its members. Members can attend our regular training sessions to gain a range of skills such as networking, public speaking, leadership and confidence building.


JCI Southampton offers members the opportunity to travel to new & exciting places and to network with fellow members all over the world.


JCI Southampton is passionate about putting something back into the communities in which we live and work. It can be easy to forget that, even in a thriving city like Southampton, there are many people less fortunate than ourselves.


One of the reasons people join JCI is to get out there and meet new people, so we run regular social events to enable you to meet other members, network and enjoy some amazing offers.