JCI Southampton Member Bursary

JCI Southampton Member Bursary

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JCI Southampton is keen to encourage members to engage with JCI not just at a local level but also through attending national events. As such, we have a number of bursaries that members can apply for, to help towards the cost of attending their first national conference or academy. The aim of the bursary is to engage and enthuse members (especially those in their first two years of membership), and so encourage long term active membership of JCI.


JCI Southampton members can apply for a £50 ‘JCI Southampton’ bursary towards the cost of attending the following events in 2020:

  • Their first* national (or Tri-Nations**) academy e.g. public speaking, growth and development, LEAP etc.
  • Their first* national conference/event e.g. National Convention, That Summerthing etc.

Bursaries are open to all Southampton members, although preference will be given to those within the first two years of membership. Applicants must be paid up members of JCI Southampton at all stages of the Bursary process.

Applying for the Bursary

Applications should send the attached form to the JCI Southampton local president for consideration.

Initial bursary applications will be approved by the Local President. 

Should a member wish to apply for a second bursary, a decision will be made by the local council (if the member applying is on the council then they will abstain from the vote). In the case of an even vote, the local president has the casting vote.

In each case, the decision is final.

*Subject to take-up members may be able to apply for a second bursary for additional academies or national events in 2020.

**In addition to the programme of National events and academies there are also a number of “Tri-Nations” academies taking place in 2020, bringing together the three national organisations UK, Scotland and Ireland.

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