How JCI has helped my career

How JCI has helped my career

September 8, 2019 8:45 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

By Mike Cooper


I have been a JCI member for 4 years now and experienced a lot which has benefited on many different levels. My membership has been paid for by employer over the years via corporate membership and in more recent times just by paying my membership fees. 

My employers like myself and many other members around the world share the vision that being part of JCI makes me a better person on many different levels and that benefits my employer as well. 

As JCI mission statement says it “empowers young people to create positive change” and I feel I have changed and gain from my experiences. So how has this benefited my career and in turn my employer?

The biggest gain I have made is by developing my network of people I know by being a member of JCI. I have come to meet many people from different background, cultures and professions from across the world. JCI is not a hard sell networking opportunity like many professional networking events are, however from time to time JCI does run these kind of events. JCI is much more than this. 

JCI is more knowing when you are looking for a lawyer, an accountant or someone to help with marketing there will be a JCI member who will be able to help or point you in the direction of someone who will. I have on a number of occasions had members who contact me as when looking for an accountant I am the first person they think of.

Another benefit to my career has been the training sessions run by JCI. There has been so many over the years some of things that stand out the most have been networking, public speaking, personal branding, Time management and most memorable was Management vs Leadership by Marcus Orlosvky. All of these training sessions have improved me a personal and are all skills useful in the workplace which have had a direct impact on my job.

The last benefit to discuss is the community work I have done as part of JCI. Every year we have our charity of the year which we support across all the events in the year. Over the years I have run 10k, 10 miles, walked 5miles among many other things to raise money for these charities. I have also been and seen how the money is used. This has helped me to get my company involved in these organisations and also raise money from colleagues to support these charities. This, in turn, has made me stand out from my colleagues and push up my profile within the firm which is never a bad thing during your annual appraisals. 

I would say that JCI has made a massive difference to my career and helped me gain promotions and increased my stock within the firm. I would encourage as many people to join JCI as possible and find out how it can help your career.

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