An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President…Part IV

An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President…Part IV

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★ An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President! ★

Three weeks, five countries: From Southampton to London, London to Helsinki, Helsinki to Tallinn, Tallinn to Helsinki, Helsinki to Tampere, Tampere to Helsinki, Helsinki to London, London to Southampton, Southampton to Dover, Dover to Calais, Calais to Kortrijk, Kortrijk to Calais, Calais to Dover, Dover to Southampton, Southampton to London, London to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to London and London to Southampton. 

Independence Day celebration at US Embassy:

I’ve written previously about the great opportunity you get by being a member of JCI. This is one perfect other example. I’ve been recently invited to attend the 240th Celebration of US Independence Day at US Embassy in London.

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This event is a one of chance given to me by the YLUK program that I’ve joined thanks to JCI. That night, they expected around 3,000 people. I attended the event with Max K-Thompson, 2016 JCI Southampton Immediate Past President. A pleasant surprise, among the 3,000 people we managed to find familiar faces from JCI London Epi and Immaculate. This shows howour organisation creates opportunity. The Garden Party way available only to restricted guests with invitations and we still manage to meet fellow Jaycees. 

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As member of JCI, we want to create tomorrow leaders and what a best way for leader to become better leaders than meeting leaders like the American Ambassador.

Ambassador Barzun speech was very inspirational; he is really approachable and dedicated to give people opportunity like the one we had to attend this event. We will miss you once you leave Winfield House.

The event was very rich with the traditional British and American anthems, performers such as Bastille, and the best of America’s food. Everything you can think of, unlimited. Max, Immac, Epi & I enjoyed America finest food.

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We’ve met with American soldiers and learnt more about their life to. I felt really privileged and proud to be amongst this chosen crowd and represent again JCI colours.

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