Join us

To join JCI Southampton, simply complete the joining form on the JCI UK website.

Membership Fees

Membership is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 40. Three types of membership are available

  • General Membership - £120 /year (paid annually, or as a monthly £10 direct debit)
  • Student Membership  - £50 / year - Applies to full-time students and apprentices only
  • Corporate Membership - Please see below for more information

Corporate Partnerships

We also have corporate membership opportunities. For more information strategic and corporate partnerships, please email

What are the benefits of joining JCI?

  • Access to a local, national and international network: As a member of JCI Southampton, as well as attending local events and getting involved in local projects, you can attend events nationally and internationally.
  • Opportunity to develop yourself: We run locally at least our training session a month. From leadership to public speaking, we cover a wide range of skills. In addition, you can access JCI UK Academies.
  • Membership Benefit Programme: We run locally our 'Platinum Card' Membership Benefit Programme, exclusive to JCI Southampton members - offering an ever-evolving range of discounts at local shops, bars, restaurants & professional service providers.
  • Learn and practice new skills in a safe environment: We are more than just a training provider, we are here to provide you with development opportunities. So if you want to practice a skill, organise an event or run a new project, just get in touch, JCI is here to support you to be better.
  • Supporting our community: By taking part in JCI activities and projects, you will get the chance to give back to the community. From supporting our charity of the year to taking part in community projects, there is something for everyone.

How to join?

To join JCI Southampton, simply complete our joining form on the JCI UK website.