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JCI Southampton #BeBetter Training #4: Time Management

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Event Type: Training
Venue: Southampton Solent University
Date: 24th Apr, 2018
Time: 6.30 pm
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‘Time flies’

‘Time is money’

‘It’s a race against time’

We hear or say these phrases a lot as we juggle multiple tasks, commitments, relationships and basic
physical requirements every 24 hours. We have to come view time as a precious resource that we
need to manage to make it work for us, with us, around us, but (pretty please!) not against us.

This Time Management session will help you make time your faithful servant and look at:

  • What is Time Management?
  • Principles of Productivity
  • Time Management and Productivity approaches and techniques

Join us at the 4th session in our #BeBetter Training Programme covering all things time management.


Speaker Bio

Our speaker Margarita (Palmer-) Stanelik is a Learning and Development Co-Ordinator and education professional, currently working at the University of Southampton Students’ Union and fortunate to have been commended for best practice by fellow professionals across the UK. She is dedicated to helping individuals and team be as effective as they can be in their professional and personal performance. She is a learning enthusiast herself with particular interest in leadership, communication, creativity, productivity and resilience development.

JCI Southampton #BeBetter Programme

JCI Southampton is launching a series of training sessions to develop young people to #BeBetter. Each session will have a specific focus to help us#BeConfident #BeActive and #BeOrganised. The #BeBetter programme is designed to give you a variety of training workshops to build upon and develop skills. We have trainers and speakers from different working environments to share their skills to help in the key areas.

How to find out more about the programme

Please contact JCI Southampton 2018 Training Director Ashleigh Harris at