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JCI Southampton Training: Leadership #7 The Power of Positive Words

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Event Type: Training
Venue: Grand Harbour Hotel - BoardRoom
Date: 16th Oct, 2017
Time: 18:30
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Our 7th module on Leadership will take place on Monday 16 October as part of our Being a Young Leader Training Programme and will cover The Power of Positive Words.

You Are What You Say…How enhancing what you say to yourself and others will help you to achieve your true potential.  

Every day each of us takes part in two types of dialogue that shapes our lives and careers – internal (what we say to ourselves) and external (what we say to others). 

The language we use across both channels has the ability to either empower us and help us to achieve our goals, or disempower us and take us further away from our aspirations.   
By becoming aware of and making some changes to the type of language you use on a daily basis, you will open yourself up to a whole new world of possibility.  
Whether you are a professional seeking to climb the career ladder, business owner looking to grow your business or leader wanting to inspire great things in your team, this workshop is for you.  

In this fun and interactive session you will explore:

  • The power of language and the role it plays in shaping your life
  • Your current internal & external dialogue patterns and what type of results these are creating for you
  • Donna’s three step model for making self empowering language a habit, and one that will help you to achieve your goals. 

 About the speaker:Events » Training courses » donna.PNG

Donna Hubbard Mind-set Coach, Human Potential Specialist, Day Dream Believer 

Donna is a mind-set coach & speaker, and created Be Dynamic Coaching & Training in 2011.

Since becoming a coach Donna soon discovered that the thing that stood between her clients and their goals wasn’t a lack of capability, resource or time, but how they viewed themselves. 

This realisation sparked her passion for helping people, teams and businesses to create better results by elevating their mind-set, in other words moving their outlook from a place of “I/We can’t” to, “I/We can”.
Today Donna’s work as both a personal and business coach means she is lucky enough to:
Help individuals to transform the way they view themselves and the world around them so that they can achieve their true potential.
Together with her incredible team at BDC, partner with businesses to empower their people with the mind-sets they need to feel good and thrive at work. BDC also helps businesses to humanise their approach to staff engagement, creating cultures and environments which capture hearts & minds. 
Donna has appeared on Sky News, guest lectured at Southampton Solent University and contributed to Women’s Fitness Magazine. 
Social media:  LinkedIn - @DonnaHubbard Twitter - @BeDynamicLife Facebook - @BeDynamicCoaching

Being a Young Leader Training Programme

JCI Southampton has launched a series of training sessions to develop young people to be outstanding leaders. Each session will cover a specific skill that you will need to master to become a great leader.

At the end of the training programme, you will be able to successfully use various skills to empower your team, from coaching, good disagreement, delegation and much more.

* How to find out more about the programme *

Please contact JCI Southampton 2017 Training Director at

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