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30th Jun, 2018

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JCI Southampton is proud to celebrate one of our members, Zoe Toseland, being recognised as Most Outstanding New Member in Europe at the recent JCI European Conference. The conference, held in Riga, Latvia from 19 - 22 June saw over 1,300 delegates in attendance from across Europe and further afield.

Since joining JCI Southampton in early 2017, Zoe has been an active and engaged member of the Southampton chamber. Throughout the year she has been willing to get involved in a variety of different projects including assisting the chamber with hosting the UK National Convention last November, taking part in charity projects and generally making a positive contribution.

“I am very proud to have won the prestigious award of Most Outstanding New Member in Europe. It’s fantastic to be recognised for my efforts and a testament to JCI Southampton and JCI UK in how they support their members. We put a lot of effort last year in hosting our National Convention in Southampton and it was a highly successful event. Winning this award is an opportunity to raise the profile of our organisation and showcase our world class development opportunities! ” – Zoe Toseland 2018 Marketing Director.  

JCI Southampton President Andrew Steel said: "Throughout my time working with Zoe in JCI I have seen her develop in so many ways from organising the national convention 2017 to taking more responsibility within JCI by being elected at Marketing Director 2018. Zoe is a pillar amongst JCI Southampton and her achievement is celebrated throughout. We are proud to have her as a member representing us across JCI worldwide."

For further information, visit  

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9th Jun, 2018

Deaf Awareness Training - 24 May
by Zoe Toseland on June 9, 2018 14:57


By Ashleigh Harris, JCI Southampton Training Director

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On Thursday 24 May we met Kim, Mark and his Hearing Dog, Erin. They were speaking to JCI Southampton members about Deaf awareness. The training was themed to fall inline with the national event within JCI UK about deaf awareness.

Kim and Mark both work with Hearing dogs for Deaf People in different volunteering capacities. Mark was there is demonstrate and discuss the practicalities of how having a Hearing Dog changed his life for the better. Kim came in her occupational capacity as a Specialist Employment Advisor with the organisation Actions On Hearing Loss.

She explained that 40 years ago when she left the support of her family and the education system she realised there was a gap in support as being deaf was a barrier to getting employed to the job roles she wanted. After 15 years working in the city council, Kim described her unique role to us and those who can access her services through the Access to Work incentive.

Kim helps clients aged 18 plus with any hearing loss in getting ready to enter to the workforce through to offering training employer's on how they can support an employee. Both client and employees are educated about how to access funding from the scheme. She also networks with different organisations and employees on offering training about the lack of deaf awareness and how perceptions that they can't afford to support a employee with additional HR needs are not true.

She covers a mixture of needs from wellbeing, financial awareness, literal translation, to training for get ready for employment to being placed in a job. She helps her clients through interpretive needs, training, meetings and equipment. She gets to know her clients individually and often helps them with their reading and writing capabilities as they maybe low due to lack of formal support in their education and no services offered as an adult.

Mark was raised as a hearing environment and was schooled in main stream schools with Hearing impairment unit.  He had not received any training or specialist services growing up as his family did not identify him as deaf. Mark described working within roles identifying as a hearing employee and only later in his life started to identify as being on the deafness spectrum.

Mark described his journey in finding his local deaf community and how Kim guided him through the everyday events of working within employment and learning to cope with everyday scenarios from a support role. Mark took on a placement with the Hampshire Constabulary with the help of Kim who offered advocacy support through the city council at the time.

He explained that his role developed with them as he was able to display quick and adaptive approach to the tasks given to him. He expanded in to more competencies over a year’s period whilst his confidence with administrative skills such as reading and writing grew. Mark talked about his time as working within a managerial roles within Asda's bakery and beginning to realise he identified as being deaf as time went on.

Mark introduced his 8 year old, black female cockapoo Erin. He explained how he applied and then waited 3 years for his puppy to be placed with him. Each puppy currently costs 40k to train and are trained over an 16-20 month period. Erin is 1 of 4 specially trained dogs who go out and can demonstrate their abilities. He applied for a small dog due to currently working in an open plan office.

Erin supports Mark in opening up his socialising by being alert to others seeking his attention, being aware to his environment both at home and at work. For example getting up for alarms, to being aware of fire drills. A demonstration was given of these two aspects. This are many of her roles she is trained to support Mark in.

The headquarters for the Hearing Dogs in the Buckinghamshire, ‘The Grange’ has a new visitor centre that people can now visit to understand the charity more fully. The session was engaging and we learnt a lot about the awareness of the service's and advocacy availability for the deaf in the community. The session was fun and interactive with Erin’s involvement.



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28th Apr, 2018

Charity of the Year: Murray Parish Trust
by Zoe Toseland on April 28, 2018 11:03



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JCI Southampton are pleased to be supporting The Murray Parish Trust as our charity of the year. The Murray Parish Trust was founded to make sure that Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton hospital has the best, up-to-date lifesaving equipment it needs, and the space to use it in.

The charity is dedicated to raising funds for paediatric facilities not only in Southampton but across all of Hampshire, The Isle of Wight, Dorset, West Sussex, Devon, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and The Channel Islands.

Their latest challenge is to raise £4 million for a brand new Paediatric Emergency & Trauma Department (A&E) based in Southampton to cover the entire South of England and The Channel Islands. The government have pledged £2 million so it is the Trust’s mission to raise the additional £2 million through their #2MillionSteps campaign and make this new, life-saving department a reality.

JCI Southampton will be supporting the charity through the year in their efforts.

Charity » MPT_2MS Final Master2 Lo-res.jpg


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22nd Mar, 2018

One of our new members, Jess, shares her experiences of going on a twinning weekend to JCI Kortrijk in Belgium for their 50th Anniversary celebration.


As a very new member of JCI Southampton, I jumped at the opportunity to go along to Belgium with Andrew (JCI Southampton President) and meet other JCI members outside of the U.K. I didn't know what to expect or how the event would go but I was greeted with a warm welcome by everyone I had met in Kortrijk. We stayed with Jovis, a member of JCI Kortrijk, who kindly showed us around the local town and I was also introduced to the past president Stefan. I enjoyed this chance to talk to the prev

ious president as he told us a lot about the way that JCI Kortrijk operates. It was nice to compare with Southampton and to find that it was very similar. We also discussed the ways in which both groups could expand and improve, being a student on the cusp of entering the working world, I wondered whether reaching out to the students in the local area could benefit numbers and JCI's reach. I know this is something that Southampton is thinking about also.


The evening event started with arrival drinks and Andrew did a good job at greeting and introducing me to people that he recognised from a previous year and everyone was friendly and welcoming which resulted in a comfortable atmosphere. The food was excellent and the tables were big enough so that we were sharing with people we didn't get the chance to speak to on arrival.

I enjoyed the evening entertainment and was so pleasantly surprised by the kind hospitality we received from everyone we were meeting. I like to think that I have gained confidence in my socialising and networking skills whilst I was out there because knowing only three people forced me to reach out and meet others. Also, getting the opportunity to go to Belgium for the weekend was new and exciting as I had never been before and loved the fact that through my membership I was given the chance to do so.

Overall, I had a great weekend filled with good people and a great social opportunity! I'd like to thank Jovis for being an excellent and kind host and Andrew, Ed, and Gemma for making the weekend even more enjoyable.



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20th Jan, 2018

Taking Part in JCI UK Pound a Day
by Zoe Toseland on January 20, 2018 16:51


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By Zoe Toseland

Having now finished my week of JCI UK Pound a Day, it’ nice to be able to look back and reflect on how it went and why JCI members undertake the challenge every year.

For those of you who don’t know the Pound a Day challenge is where Junior Chamber International (JCI) UK and wider community members spend a week living on just £1 a day, for food and drink. The challenge is designed to raise awareness of the rising poverty in the UK and abroad as well as raising money for Save the Children to help combat this.

My Experience of the Week

This was my first time taking part, so I approached the week both with excitement and a little trepidation. During the week I certainly found myself thinking about food much more than normal.  I also had noticeably less energy and was generally more tired than usual. If we’re honest I know at times I was a bit ‘hangry’ particularly for the first half of the week. So, sorry to those around me!

I tried to make my meals as interesting and tasty as possibly but, by the end of the week it did get quite monotonous eating the same thing most days.

However, it was also fantastic and really motivating to see everyone’s photos and posts of social media. It really helped to keep me going. It was fun to see the different things that people had managed to get on their budget, including their ‘whoopsie’ bargains.

Why we do it

The reality is, that for me and all those participating it was just one week, a bit of fun (or not at times), but for some people this is their everyday. It makes you realise the value of having a cupboard full of food and the privilege that most of us have with choosing what we eat – without constantly having to count pounds and pennies.

In 2018, it’s heart-breaking to realise that despite progress, more than 790 million people worldwide still suffer from hunger. And shocking also that in Britain, more than 8 million people live in households that struggle to put enough food on the table.

That’s why it’s inspiring that JCI UK members are helping to raise not only funds but also awareness of the issue. By taking part in the Pound a Day challenge we are together empowered to do our bit. I can honestly say I am looking forward to taking part again next year!

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13th Dec, 2017

Best at developing young leaders in the UK
by Sophie Delaporte on December 13, 2017 20:40


A month ago, we hosted the JCI UK National Convention here in Southampton. Here is the little summary of the weekend, with key highlights and achievements!

The National Convention was hosted from Friday 24 – Sunday 26 November at the Grand Harbour Hotel. The Convention saw over 120 delegates from the UK, Europe and further afield (including a member of JCI Japan!) 

The JCI UK National Convention is the flagship event in the JCI UK calendar, bringing together members from across the country to develop skills, network and celebrate our achievements. At this weekend, we were recognised as the best local organisation in the country to develop young leaders and empower young active citizens to create positive change. Find out more below:

Friday spotlight

The National Convention weekend commenced on the Friday, with a joint business day with Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, including an introduction from Hampshire Chamber Chief Executive, Maureen Frost and JCI Southampton President, Sophie Delaporte. The Business Day aimed of foster links with the local businesses, the community and the next generation of future young leaders.

There were a raft of speakers discussing entrepreneurship, authenticity, how to be a world class manager to name only a few; and welcomed former Southampton FC manager Nigel Adkins, who spoke about motivation & managing under high pressure.

Donna Hubbard from BeDynamic Coaching kicked off the day with a fantastic talk on being our true self, and was followed by Julie Biggs, a cardiac care nurse at the Southampton General Hospital to discuss healthy lifestyles and diets. After a networking break with the Chamber of Commerce, we continued the event with a talk by Wayne Clarke, JCI Global Ambassador and Founder of the Global Growth Institude on Being A World Class Manager, bringing to light the key skills and qualities that managers need to master.

We also celebrated the work of Outstanding Young People with our TOYP Awards highlighting the achievements of young professionals in various fields.

After lunch, Nigel Adkins owned the stage, sharing with us his experience as a football manager and the lessons he learnt from his various experiences. The afternoon ended with the Public Speaking Competition and all members came together at the Dancing Man Brewery for a casual evening and our traditional Extempore competition.

Saturday spotlight

We started the Saturday programme with our Morning Show, learning about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Some delegates went to National Council while the rest of the delegations learnt about the Imposter Syndrome, Strategic Thinking and problem solving and more.

The afternoon programme was packed with an art class, the Costa Academy Experience and the famous Debating competition, with Hannah Waddington, Ed Palmer and Sophie Delaporte representing JCI Southampton in the semi-finals and the finals.

The climax of the Convention was the masquerade themed Gala Dinner and JCI UK National Awards ceremony with 170 delegates in attendance. 

Blog » President's Updates » JCI National Conference 2017-56.jpg

Awards-Winning Organisation

JCI Southampton was pleased to win seven national awards in total, including:

  • Best Debater (Sophie Delaporte)
  • Best Local Peace Project 
  • Best Global Goals (recognising the chamber’s efforts towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

JCI Southampton also won the top four national awards, recognising the achievements of members and the team as a whole, winning:

  • Most Outstanding New Member (Zoe Toseland)
  • Most Outstanding Member (James Lambert)
  • Most Outstanding Local President (Sophie Delaporte),
  • and Most Outstanding Local Organisation, recognising JCI Southampton for their work in enhancing young peoples’ leadership skills, community actions and business impact

We are very proud of the achievements and positive actions of our members across the year and we cannot wait to achieve even more in 2018. These awards are a true recognition of young active citizens in our Chamber getting the extra mile to make a positive change in Southampton;

If you are interested in getting involved, running a project or joining the Council team, please contact


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16th Aug, 2017

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The Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is going to hold one of its popular event on Friday 15 September: The Chamber’s Boatshow Lunch for the local community.

Members and non-members are all welcome to participate.
The Guest Speaker is Colin Brown, a former National Hunt jockey. Born locally, Colin is best known for his association with the famous steeplechaser the ‘GLORIOUS GREY DESERT ORCHID’. Following lunch, Colin will share his journey including the highs and lows associated with being a successful jockey


Date: Friday 15th September 2017
Time: 12.15pm to 3.45pm
Place: the Grand Harbour Hotel
Price: Costs to members: £59.50 (Including VAT)
Non Member: £69.50 (Including VAT)
The price includes: drinks reception, networking lunch, keynote speaker, charity raffle and complimentary pass for entrance to the Southampton Boatshow.

How to register

Book tickets from the bottom of the page here

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14th Aug, 2017

Wessex Heartbeat, our Charity of the year Wessex Heartbeat is looking for volunteers to help run their Cycling event on Sunday 10 September. Blog » Community Projects » ws-cycling.jpg
Marshalls will work in pairs and will be placed at various marshall points around the Test Valley and Salisbury area. Volunteers are required to be at Hampshire Collegiate School for 08:00 on Sunday 10 September.

Own transport is required on the day and it is also suggested that you provide your own refreshments. Each marshall will be given a box with instructions, basic first aid materials (plasters) spare inner tubes , hi-vis vests etc.

There will be a Marshall briefing meeting at Paultons Cricket Club, Cadnam on Wednesday 06 September at 19:00 for 19:30.

On the day - Time

The cyclists set off from 08:30 until 09:30. The longest marshall duties will be up until 16:30 but some will be finished by midday.

How to register


If anyone is interested, please send emails to and we will send you a full marshal briefing pack.

More information about the event can be found HERE

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14th Aug, 2017

Review of our talk on CSR at Southampton's Women's in Business Club
by Sophie Delaporte on August 14, 2017 20:05


Hannah, one of our new members and Sophie, our local President were invited to the Southampton's Women's in Business Club meeting on Wednesday 28 June to deliver a talk on Corporate Social Responsibility. Below is a review of Louise, the event's host about the meeting:
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Review by Louise Cragen from Platform Social - 28 June 2017

"Yesterday’s theme was all about CSR and Businesses giving back and we were delighted to welcome Hannah and Sophie from JCI (Junior Chamber International, Southampton) to talk to us about this subject.  Women’s Business Club is all about Women in Business supporting each other and our Southampton branch is here to serve you as business women and to support you in your growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership. We also have a lot of fun and make great friendships and collaborations too.

I’m giving you a summary of the very inspiring, entertaining and enlightening talk given yesterday and do feel free to come back with questions if you have any.

  • Hannah defined CSR for us - Corporate Social Responsibility which is a regulatory requirement for Businesses
  • It focuses on Environmental and Social Wellbeing, giving back to the wider community and there is a huge difference between the responsibility for big companies v smaller ones
  • The main reasons for CSR are
    • Consumer Demand
    • Recruitment - to form an ethical alliance
    • Cost Management
    • Public Attitudes
    • Because it’s the right thing to do
  • JCI (Junior Chamber International) stays local and supports local companies and local charities and has several projects currently rung within local companies.
  • JCI - Mission Statement is ‘To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change’
  • JCI - Ethos is to make the world a better place
  • Southampton has some specific issues
    • Loneliness 
    • Older population
    • Somewhere to go for young people
    • Rats
  • JCI aims to hep with these and give companies an understanding of why they need to do something for a local charity and offer skills for young people to be part of a bigger cause

  • Sophie looked at the wider picture and posed the question .. ‘How can we as business people make an impact in the world?’
  • Businesses create wealth so we as businesses can help
  • Businesses have three responsibilities 
    • Economic
    • Health and Safety/Human Rights
    • Responsibilities desired by Society
  • Sophie introduced us to 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations which will frame policies and strategies by 2030
  • This is a long term game as consumers and businesses have the power to change the world as consumers/suppliers/employers/recruiters etc
  • Sophie stated that CSR is very powerful if used genuinely with staff behind it.  Staff will be empowered to make change if they share values 
  • Sophie finished with a quote ‘A business that makes nothing but profit is a poor business’

We finished the meeting with a couple of book recommendations - The one thing - Julia recommended and Too Fast to think - Sheryl recommended.

So save the date for our next meeting ladies…the theme is ‘Connecting Your World’ and we will be helping you to grow your network.  Keep an eye on my Facebook Page  for updates and here is the link to book in

Any questions on membership, lunches or anything else do get in touch.

Kind regards


Here is another feedback from Sheryl Andrews, a WBC member who attended the event "Fabulous meeting at Southampton Women's Business Club - inspiring talk from JCI about CSR"

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12th Jul, 2017

50 years ago today (12 July 2017) , Junior Chamber International (JCI) Southampton, the leading networking of young active citizens in Southampton, hosted the JCI European Conference.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a worldwide personal development and networking organisation for young professionals and entrepreneurs between 18 to 40 years old. With over 250,000 active members in over 100 countries, JCI provides young people with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to empower them to create positive change.

JCI Southampton is the local Chamber of JCI in Southampton and is a third biggest Chamber in the UK. JCI Southampton was formed in 1959 and has had a strong base in the community since then.

Peter Creek, 1967 JCI European Conference Director and JCI Senator #7231 comments: “I can’t believe it that 50 years ago today, Southampton hosted the 1967 JCI European Conference of which I was Conference Director. It’s is good to see JCI Southampton still going strong”.

Sophie Delaporte, 2017 President comments “JCI Southampton is going from strength to strength and it’s fantastic that 50 years after a European Convention, we will be hosting the biggest event in the JCI UK calendar. It’s an exciting time for young people in Southampton to join us and get involved in a wide range of projects and develop new skills”.

JCI Southampton will be hosting in November 2017 JCI United Kingdom’s National Convention, which celebrates the 2017 achievements of members from across the UK. The National Convention is the flagship event in the JCI UK calendar and is an opportunity to meet members from across the UK and Europe.

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