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16th Aug, 2017

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The Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is going to hold one of its popular event on Friday 15 September: The Chamber’s Boatshow Lunch for the local community.

Members and non-members are all welcome to participate.
The Guest Speaker is Colin Brown, a former National Hunt jockey. Born locally, Colin is best known for his association with the famous steeplechaser the ‘GLORIOUS GREY DESERT ORCHID’. Following lunch, Colin will share his journey including the highs and lows associated with being a successful jockey


Date: Friday 15th September 2017
Time: 12.15pm to 3.45pm
Place: the Grand Harbour Hotel
Price: Costs to members: £59.50 (Including VAT)
Non Member: £69.50 (Including VAT)
The price includes: drinks reception, networking lunch, keynote speaker, charity raffle and complimentary pass for entrance to the Southampton Boatshow.

How to register

Book tickets from the bottom of the page here

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14th Aug, 2017

Wessex Heartbeat, our Charity of the year Wessex Heartbeat is looking for volunteers to help run their Cycling event on Sunday 10 September. Blog » Community Projects » ws-cycling.jpg
Marshalls will work in pairs and will be placed at various marshall points around the Test Valley and Salisbury area. Volunteers are required to be at Hampshire Collegiate School for 08:00 on Sunday 10 September.

Own transport is required on the day and it is also suggested that you provide your own refreshments. Each marshall will be given a box with instructions, basic first aid materials (plasters) spare inner tubes , hi-vis vests etc.

There will be a Marshall briefing meeting at Paultons Cricket Club, Cadnam on Wednesday 06 September at 19:00 for 19:30.

On the day - Time

The cyclists set off from 08:30 until 09:30. The longest marshall duties will be up until 16:30 but some will be finished by midday.

How to register


If anyone is interested, please send emails to and we will send you a full marshal briefing pack.

More information about the event can be found HERE

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14th Aug, 2017

Review of our talk on CSR at Southampton's Women's in Business Club
by Sophie Delaporte on August 14, 2017 20:05


Hannah, one of our new members and Sophie, our local President were invited to the Southampton's Women's in Business Club meeting on Wednesday 28 June to deliver a talk on Corporate Social Responsibility. Below is a review of Louise, the event's host about the meeting:
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Review by Louise Cragen from Platform Social - 28 June 2017

"Yesterday’s theme was all about CSR and Businesses giving back and we were delighted to welcome Hannah and Sophie from JCI (Junior Chamber International, Southampton) to talk to us about this subject.  Women’s Business Club is all about Women in Business supporting each other and our Southampton branch is here to serve you as business women and to support you in your growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership. We also have a lot of fun and make great friendships and collaborations too.

I’m giving you a summary of the very inspiring, entertaining and enlightening talk given yesterday and do feel free to come back with questions if you have any.

  • Hannah defined CSR for us - Corporate Social Responsibility which is a regulatory requirement for Businesses
  • It focuses on Environmental and Social Wellbeing, giving back to the wider community and there is a huge difference between the responsibility for big companies v smaller ones
  • The main reasons for CSR are
    • Consumer Demand
    • Recruitment - to form an ethical alliance
    • Cost Management
    • Public Attitudes
    • Because it’s the right thing to do
  • JCI (Junior Chamber International) stays local and supports local companies and local charities and has several projects currently rung within local companies.
  • JCI - Mission Statement is ‘To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change’
  • JCI - Ethos is to make the world a better place
  • Southampton has some specific issues
    • Loneliness 
    • Older population
    • Somewhere to go for young people
    • Rats
  • JCI aims to hep with these and give companies an understanding of why they need to do something for a local charity and offer skills for young people to be part of a bigger cause

  • Sophie looked at the wider picture and posed the question .. ‘How can we as business people make an impact in the world?’
  • Businesses create wealth so we as businesses can help
  • Businesses have three responsibilities 
    • Economic
    • Health and Safety/Human Rights
    • Responsibilities desired by Society
  • Sophie introduced us to 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations which will frame policies and strategies by 2030
  • This is a long term game as consumers and businesses have the power to change the world as consumers/suppliers/employers/recruiters etc
  • Sophie stated that CSR is very powerful if used genuinely with staff behind it.  Staff will be empowered to make change if they share values 
  • Sophie finished with a quote ‘A business that makes nothing but profit is a poor business’

We finished the meeting with a couple of book recommendations - The one thing - Julia recommended and Too Fast to think - Sheryl recommended.

So save the date for our next meeting ladies…the theme is ‘Connecting Your World’ and we will be helping you to grow your network.  Keep an eye on my Facebook Page  for updates and here is the link to book in

Any questions on membership, lunches or anything else do get in touch.

Kind regards


Here is another feedback from Sheryl Andrews, a WBC member who attended the event "Fabulous meeting at Southampton Women's Business Club - inspiring talk from JCI about CSR"

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12th Jul, 2017

50 years ago today (12 July 2017) , Junior Chamber International (JCI) Southampton, the leading networking of young active citizens in Southampton, hosted the JCI European Conference.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a worldwide personal development and networking organisation for young professionals and entrepreneurs between 18 to 40 years old. With over 250,000 active members in over 100 countries, JCI provides young people with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to empower them to create positive change.

JCI Southampton is the local Chamber of JCI in Southampton and is a third biggest Chamber in the UK. JCI Southampton was formed in 1959 and has had a strong base in the community since then.

Peter Creek, 1967 JCI European Conference Director and JCI Senator #7231 comments: “I can’t believe it that 50 years ago today, Southampton hosted the 1967 JCI European Conference of which I was Conference Director. It’s is good to see JCI Southampton still going strong”.

Sophie Delaporte, 2017 President comments “JCI Southampton is going from strength to strength and it’s fantastic that 50 years after a European Convention, we will be hosting the biggest event in the JCI UK calendar. It’s an exciting time for young people in Southampton to join us and get involved in a wide range of projects and develop new skills”.

JCI Southampton will be hosting in November 2017 JCI United Kingdom’s National Convention, which celebrates the 2017 achievements of members from across the UK. The National Convention is the flagship event in the JCI UK calendar and is an opportunity to meet members from across the UK and Europe.

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11th Jul, 2017

Stephen Simmons is a JCI Southampton Member and delivered a training session to members in June. Read more about Using Magic in Business and his experience:

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Using the skills of a magician in business

My name is Stephen Simmons, I am a professional magician and this week I gave a talk on how to use the skills of magician in business.

One of the things magicians tend to be very bad at, is business. The vast majority seems to think show business is 90% show, and 10% business. I know this because I was one of them for many years. My idea of how to get more booking was to sit at home, practising my magic, going out once or twice a week to perform magic, give out a few business cards at the shows I did and wait for the phone to ring. Now don't get me wrong, I made a fair income just from doing this, but I just was not progressing as fast as I would have liked.

Then it hit me, I have to get off my arse and get those gigs! I had to make it 90% business and 10% show. There are a few areas that really helped project me towards a far better income, and a far better lifestyle just from doing a few tricks. In this blog I'm going to cover a few of the area I covered in my talk.


If you are self employed and want to better your chances of success, in my opinion, you need to go to networking events. If you are not already doing it, you should. Although they can be a daunting place to go to, its worth it, to build long term relationships with people who can propel you forward, and hopefully even get you more work. One of the tricky bits of networking is standing out (for the right reasons.) Far too often I get home after an event with a wad of business cards mixed in with pocket fluff, where do they go? Well more than likely into the draw with all the other business cards , or even chucked into the bin. And im fully aware that unless someone has a specific reason for keeping my card handy, it too, will end up in a smiler situation.

So the first area I spoke about was how to stand out and how to be memorable when networking. My job as a magician for weddings and corporate events, is to be memorable, and make the event stand out. I knew I could use these same skills I use in my magic performances at networking events to leave a lasting impression and make sure my card is not thrown away. In the talk I gave away a few great tricks to use at these events that are universal and not strictly for use as a magician. I wont give away the secrets here, but I can explain the psychology behind them. First, you have to make your business card personal to the person you want to keep it. I use a trick where I reveal a piece of information about a person I couldn't possibly have known, and I use my business card to write this information on. Now this card has meaning, it has a story, and what's more important it has a personal touch relevant to the person i'm giving my card too. I taught to secrets and we all had fun practising them on each other.


An important question to ask is who are you marketing to? What/who is your target market?

Although a concept almost everyone will have heard of, far less actually put this into action. I spoke about how to identify your markets, mine for example breaks down into 3 groups at first. Cheap, value for money, and premium. When I first started out I would have tried to appeal to the cheap group, basically getting paid anything just for the chance to perform. I speak about how I went about targeting this group, and how I worked my way up the professional ladder, up to where I am now, the premium market.

For the sake of this blog, allow me to briefly speak about the value for money section. This is the largest group, around 68%. It is the group that want a quality service for a fair price. They will shop around and try to get the best fit for their event. When I targeted this market, I needed to think like them, and think how they would go about booking a magician. I had to consider my perceived value. I couldn't look cheap, but I also couldn't look too high end which would put people off before even enquiring. I had to make a balance, and make everything about my business appeal to this market. This includes the website, business cards, photos and videos, even down to how I answered the phone. In short, everything has to appeal to your target market. I also spoke about how you can transition from one market to the other seamlessly, and re brand for a new target market over time.

Marketing 2.0

One of the most important thing I have done is to track my marketing efforts. Again, it sounds simple, but after talking with countless people they are aware of it, but don't put it into action. In my talk I broke down exactly how I keep track of my enquiries, so I can make informed decisions about where to put my money. If for example I kept track of my marketing, I can know exactly what brings me more booking and what does not. If I know that I got 10 bookings from cold calling, and I spent, as an example, £100 paying for a sales person to get me those bookings – It works out at £10 per booking, which is very good! So I know I should continue, if not even increase my cold calling efforts, because I am seeing a good return on my investment. I give away the secret to how I track my enquiries and exactly how I handle them.


I won't talk too much about what sales tactics I use in a public domain, but I will give an overview of what I talk about.

Umm Ahh technique.

Let's be honest, we all want as much as possible for our time. I talk about how you can easily use add ons to increase your profit margins, and what's better, is to know if your client if going to buy into them before offering them.

Handling objections like a magician.

Answering objections before they are asked is an essential part of any sale. Being a magician and hypnotist, there is little tricks and tips that can easily help to close a sale. Sometimes it is just about asking the right way.

It's great to think like a magician when working in business, and you too can learn some of the skills a full time, professional magician puts into his business to make it stand out.

"Thank you so much for your session today, it was great. Can't wait to try the phone trick" - Sophie Delaporte, JCI Southampton President.

If you would be interested in me talking at your event, or for your company, you can contact me at –

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9th Jul, 2017

Welcoming Molly as Business and Marketing Intern - Blog Takeover
by Sophie Delaporte on July 9, 2017 20:11


Hello everyone, my name is Mengran Tian and you can call me Molly. I am very glad to work on Business and Marketing area for JCI Southampton this summer. Council team » molly.jpg
Firstly, I want to say thanks everyone for welcoming me friendly either in the office or from the chatting group, I felt very warm on my first few days of work.

I am a MSc Marketing analytics student in University of Southampton and will graduate on September and I believe my academic knowledge would help me on my work in marketing area. My studying-abroad experience trains me to meet and communicate people with various culture background and I enjoy the moment of talking with them.

The variety of projects that JCI Southampton provides, such as charity and business related events, and moreover, the self-development trainings are contributing to the community and members. The achievements community and members would receive from these projects attract and encourage me to work for JCI, because they satisfy my self-esteem of providing benefits and help toward people who need them. Additionally, by working within the marketing team, I could develop my working ability for my future career.

Looking forward to meeting you all in the following weeks. Wish we could have a good summer time.

Best wishes,

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2nd Jul, 2017

Looking for Volunteers to raise money for Wessex Heartbeat
by Sophie Delaporte on July 2, 2017 13:55


We are looking for Volunteers to raise money for our charity of the year Wessex Heartbeat

Blog » Community Projects » trytri.PNG

Our corporate partner ReesLeisure is looking for volunteers to help at St Swithun's Triathlon on Sunday 9th July.

A £25 donation will be offered to Wessex Heartbeat per JCI member that volunteers.

Volunteering at the triathlon involves marshalling either out on the cycle or run routes, by the pool or in a transition area.

Shifts available

6am - 12noon or 9am - 3pm shifts are available.

How to register

If anyone is interested, please contact and we will send you a full marshal briefing pack.

More information can be found HERE

To register please sign up HERE (volunteers registration at the bottom of the page). Please make sure you let us know via so we know how many members are coming and which shifts we sign up to

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18th May, 2017

‘Feel like you’re going up creek without a paddle? Use your O.A.R.S.!’Blog » Training Courses » hannah coaching.jpg

By E3 Consulting

Last week Helena and Zoe attended the third module of the JCI Southampton Being a Young Leader Programme, in which leader Hannah Hastilow explored how coaching can be used to inspire and motivate. Hannah works at the University of Southampton Students' Union, and introduced coaching techniques to her office with great success. 

Coaching often draws many sporting connotations, however it is increasingly finding a place within businesses as a useful tool to improve productivity and staff morale. This is something we have recognised for some time at E3, and have made part of our support processes within the business. Everybody has the ability to coach or be coached – be they an employee or a manager. Cultivating the skills to coach others and help inspire them can work in improving performance both up and down the workplace hierarchy. This is also pertinent for E3 where we have a flat level structure; coaching is relevant for all levels of experience and is essential for reinforcing learning points from formal or informal training to encourage continual development.

Hannah was a great leader, and was enthusiastic, engaging, and really made you think – which is the whole point of coaching in the first place. She taught the group some of the key things to consider when coaching someone. These fall into the popular coaching acronym of OARS Open questions, Affirmations, Reflection and Summary, which encourages coaches to be as open minded and empathetic as possible when coaching another.

Helena and Zoe came away really motivated, and are already trying out the techniques on each other and others in the business!

Blog » Training Courses » hannah.jpg

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13th May, 2017

HJS Solutions invests in its people by partnering with Junior Chamber International (JCI) SouthamptonPartners » HJS logo.jpg

13 May 2017

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Southampton and HJS Solutions have developed a corporate partnership to provide HJS Solutions' employees with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship to empower them to create positive change in Southampton.

HJS has joined JCI Southampton to learn, train and socialise. The team will be involved in communities activities, and will be given the opportunity to meet new people from different areas of business and from across the world. HJS will also be trained in a wide range of topics, including leadership and management skills, public and presentation skills and networking.

New JCI member, Mike Cooper, Assistant Audit Manager at HJS Accountants, says “We are really excited about becoming JCI members and all the new opportunities that will open to us both locally and internationally. We are looking forward to meeting like-minded business people, building a new network of business contacts and becoming involved in some of the training and other events which the JCI host. There looks to be something for everyone!

Sophie Delaporte, JCI Southampton 2017 President, comments "We are very pleased to have partnered with HJS Solutions. HJS has already been involved in several of our activities this year, from running the ABP 10K in support of our charity Wessex Heartbeat to attending several of our Leadership Programme workshops. We are committed to developing our members and create positive change in Southampton and we are very excited to welcome new active members from HJS."

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10th May, 2017

Council team » fee cropped.jpg

JCI Training 2017 – my 3 favourite sessions so far this year

By Fee Francis

I’m a self-confessed management and development nerd. I love books about management techniques and new ways to work on myself and tend to spend my free time watching TedX talks and working on my time management and goal setting. Told you, super nerdy. I’m also a manager of a team of 6 and only 21 so the JCI Southampton training series ‘Being a Young Leader’ is right up my street.


Goal setting – ‘Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be – January

Blog » Training Courses » fee-goal.jpg

This was the first training session of the year and a great start to a new year. I’m not a fan of setting New Year’s resolutions for the sake of it as they always end up being fairly generic, unachievable or forgotten after a few days. Instead, I’m a big fan of setting quantifiable goals with a deadline to achieve them and this session was perfect for this.

The trainer, life coach Lesley Strachan, had us pair up and sit face to face with our partner and take it in turns to ask the other person “What do you want?” repeatedly and write down their answers. This felt slightly unnatural as it’s a pretty personal question but the repeated asking allowed us to give honest answers and mine ranged from owning a puppy to owning a house, getting out of debt, learning to drive and cooking from scratch more.
We were then given a sheet to write our top goals in the following categories: financial, career, free time, health, relationships, personal life and making a difference. We had to write what we wanted and why we wanted it to give us something to aim towards and a deadline date of when we’d like to achieve it by. This was great because we had then said our goals out loud to another person and physically written them down which really helps to cement goals and give some accountability for getting them achieved *insert muscle arm emoji here*

Strachan is a Jack Canfield qualified life coach and follows the principles in his book The Success Principles which I added to my amazon basket at the training and finally purchased today so I will report back on how I get on!


Coaching to motivate and inspire – April

This session hugely appealed to me as I’m constantly working on being a better manager and coaching can be a huge part of this. The session was led by Hannah Hastilow from University of Southampton Student’s Union where coaching is the norm in the workplace. During the session, Hannah shared that 91% of highly engaged employees state their manager as the reasoBlog » Training Courses » fee-coaching.pngn for their engagement (Engaging for Success – a government report on employee engagement) and she also shared the findings of Google’s Project Oxygen which is the 8 top behaviours of good managers in order of importance:

  1. Be a good coach
  2. Empower your team and don’t micromanage
  3. Express interest in team members’ success and personal well-being
  4. Don’t be a sissy: Be productive and results-oriented
  5. Be a good communicator and listen to your team
  6. Help your employees with career development
  7. Have a clear vision and strategy for the team
  8. Have key technical skills so you can help advise the team

Being a good coach is the number 1 skill that Google need for a good manager and Google are the best company in the world to work for so I think they know a thing or two about management! These two statistics really highlighted to me the importance of being a good manager for my team and how coaching can be a huge part of this.

Hannah defined coaching as facilitating the development of an individual’s skills through targeted discussion and reflection but in keeping with the session, she only gave us this definition after we had already written down our own definition and had a group discussion about what we thought coaching was.

The main thing I took away from this training session is that coaching is about helping people find the answers rather than giving them an answer. This is something that I know as a manager I need to work on as it can be too easy when approached with a question to just give an answer rather than helping that person to find out the answer on their own.


The Art of Networking – May

Last Friday, 4 members of JCI Southampton took a road trip down to Pompey for JCI Portsmouth’s relaunch training event – The Art of Networking which was delivered by our JCI Regional Group Chair Jasmine Lambert. This was a great and informative session which covered dos and don’ts of networking, types of networking sessions to attend and tips for introductions.
My favourite tips were

  • Don’t get a drink straight away – this closes you off to the group and also if you don’t have a drink, you have a built in excuse for leaving a conversation once it dries up!
  • When someone asks “What do you do?”, try to reply in a creative way instead of just stating your job title. These can be funny or meaningful and an excellent way to break the ice and stop people’s misconceptions about your job before you’ve had a chance to explain it!

The examples given included

  • Don’t say “I’m a financial adviser”, do say “I protect and grow your wealth”
  • Don’t say “I’m a cleaner”, do say “I give you back valuable time with your family”
  • Don’t say “I’m a graphic designer”, do say “I draw shapes on a computer all day”

At the end of the day, a lot of the time networking is networking but these handy tips gave me a fresh perspective on going into my next networking session. It also helped to hear that even Jasmine, who has been networking for a decade and set up her own networking group, still gets nervous which made me feel slightly more normal for always feeling a little bit sick before solo networking!

Networking comes in all shapes and sizes, especially with our JCI Southampton sessions. Why not come along to our bowling tournament on May 19th, practice your networking skills and get a bit competitive! Details here

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