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28th Apr, 2018

Charity of the Year: Murray Parish Trust
by Zoe Toseland on April 28, 2018 11:03



Charity » TMPT 2017 V3 + Tag Lines.jpg

JCI Southampton are pleased to be supporting The Murray Parish Trust as our charity of the year. The Murray Parish Trust was founded to make sure that Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Southampton hospital has the best, up-to-date lifesaving equipment it needs, and the space to use it in.

The charity is dedicated to raising funds for paediatric facilities not only in Southampton but across all of Hampshire, The Isle of Wight, Dorset, West Sussex, Devon, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and The Channel Islands.

Their latest challenge is to raise £4 million for a brand new Paediatric Emergency & Trauma Department (A&E) based in Southampton to cover the entire South of England and The Channel Islands. The government have pledged £2 million so it is the Trust’s mission to raise the additional £2 million through their #2MillionSteps campaign and make this new, life-saving department a reality.

JCI Southampton will be supporting the charity through the year in their efforts.

Charity » MPT_2MS Final Master2 Lo-res.jpg


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20th Jan, 2018

Taking Part in JCI UK Pound a Day
by Zoe Toseland on January 20, 2018 16:51


Blog » Community Projects » poundaday.jpg

By Zoe Toseland

Having now finished my week of JCI UK Pound a Day, it’ nice to be able to look back and reflect on how it went and why JCI members undertake the challenge every year.

For those of you who don’t know the Pound a Day challenge is where Junior Chamber International (JCI) UK and wider community members spend a week living on just £1 a day, for food and drink. The challenge is designed to raise awareness of the rising poverty in the UK and abroad as well as raising money for Save the Children to help combat this.

My Experience of the Week

This was my first time taking part, so I approached the week both with excitement and a little trepidation. During the week I certainly found myself thinking about food much more than normal.  I also had noticeably less energy and was generally more tired than usual. If we’re honest I know at times I was a bit ‘hangry’ particularly for the first half of the week. So, sorry to those around me!

I tried to make my meals as interesting and tasty as possibly but, by the end of the week it did get quite monotonous eating the same thing most days.

However, it was also fantastic and really motivating to see everyone’s photos and posts of social media. It really helped to keep me going. It was fun to see the different things that people had managed to get on their budget, including their ‘whoopsie’ bargains.

Why we do it

The reality is, that for me and all those participating it was just one week, a bit of fun (or not at times), but for some people this is their everyday. It makes you realise the value of having a cupboard full of food and the privilege that most of us have with choosing what we eat – without constantly having to count pounds and pennies.

In 2018, it’s heart-breaking to realise that despite progress, more than 790 million people worldwide still suffer from hunger. And shocking also that in Britain, more than 8 million people live in households that struggle to put enough food on the table.

That’s why it’s inspiring that JCI UK members are helping to raise not only funds but also awareness of the issue. By taking part in the Pound a Day challenge we are together empowered to do our bit. I can honestly say I am looking forward to taking part again next year!

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14th Aug, 2017

Wessex Heartbeat, our Charity of the year Wessex Heartbeat is looking for volunteers to help run their Cycling event on Sunday 10 September. Blog » Community Projects » ws-cycling.jpg
Marshalls will work in pairs and will be placed at various marshall points around the Test Valley and Salisbury area. Volunteers are required to be at Hampshire Collegiate School for 08:00 on Sunday 10 September.

Own transport is required on the day and it is also suggested that you provide your own refreshments. Each marshall will be given a box with instructions, basic first aid materials (plasters) spare inner tubes , hi-vis vests etc.

There will be a Marshall briefing meeting at Paultons Cricket Club, Cadnam on Wednesday 06 September at 19:00 for 19:30.

On the day - Time

The cyclists set off from 08:30 until 09:30. The longest marshall duties will be up until 16:30 but some will be finished by midday.

How to register


If anyone is interested, please send emails to and we will send you a full marshal briefing pack.

More information about the event can be found HERE

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14th Aug, 2017

Review of our talk on CSR at Southampton's Women's in Business Club
by Sophie Delaporte on August 14, 2017 20:05


Hannah, one of our new members and Sophie, our local President were invited to the Southampton's Women's in Business Club meeting on Wednesday 28 June to deliver a talk on Corporate Social Responsibility. Below is a review of Louise, the event's host about the meeting:
Blog » 19554187_10158810581540231_5351719488203900427_n.jpg

Review by Louise Cragen from Platform Social - 28 June 2017

"Yesterday’s theme was all about CSR and Businesses giving back and we were delighted to welcome Hannah and Sophie from JCI (Junior Chamber International, Southampton) to talk to us about this subject.  Women’s Business Club is all about Women in Business supporting each other and our Southampton branch is here to serve you as business women and to support you in your growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership. We also have a lot of fun and make great friendships and collaborations too.

I’m giving you a summary of the very inspiring, entertaining and enlightening talk given yesterday and do feel free to come back with questions if you have any.

  • Hannah defined CSR for us - Corporate Social Responsibility which is a regulatory requirement for Businesses
  • It focuses on Environmental and Social Wellbeing, giving back to the wider community and there is a huge difference between the responsibility for big companies v smaller ones
  • The main reasons for CSR are
    • Consumer Demand
    • Recruitment - to form an ethical alliance
    • Cost Management
    • Public Attitudes
    • Because it’s the right thing to do
  • JCI (Junior Chamber International) stays local and supports local companies and local charities and has several projects currently rung within local companies.
  • JCI - Mission Statement is ‘To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change’
  • JCI - Ethos is to make the world a better place
  • Southampton has some specific issues
    • Loneliness 
    • Older population
    • Somewhere to go for young people
    • Rats
  • JCI aims to hep with these and give companies an understanding of why they need to do something for a local charity and offer skills for young people to be part of a bigger cause

  • Sophie looked at the wider picture and posed the question .. ‘How can we as business people make an impact in the world?’
  • Businesses create wealth so we as businesses can help
  • Businesses have three responsibilities 
    • Economic
    • Health and Safety/Human Rights
    • Responsibilities desired by Society
  • Sophie introduced us to 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations which will frame policies and strategies by 2030
  • This is a long term game as consumers and businesses have the power to change the world as consumers/suppliers/employers/recruiters etc
  • Sophie stated that CSR is very powerful if used genuinely with staff behind it.  Staff will be empowered to make change if they share values 
  • Sophie finished with a quote ‘A business that makes nothing but profit is a poor business’

We finished the meeting with a couple of book recommendations - The one thing - Julia recommended and Too Fast to think - Sheryl recommended.

So save the date for our next meeting ladies…the theme is ‘Connecting Your World’ and we will be helping you to grow your network.  Keep an eye on my Facebook Page  for updates and here is the link to book in

Any questions on membership, lunches or anything else do get in touch.

Kind regards


Here is another feedback from Sheryl Andrews, a WBC member who attended the event "Fabulous meeting at Southampton Women's Business Club - inspiring talk from JCI about CSR"

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2nd Jul, 2017

Looking for Volunteers to raise money for Wessex Heartbeat
by Sophie Delaporte on July 2, 2017 13:55


We are looking for Volunteers to raise money for our charity of the year Wessex Heartbeat

Blog » Community Projects » trytri.PNG

Our corporate partner ReesLeisure is looking for volunteers to help at St Swithun's Triathlon on Sunday 9th July.

A £25 donation will be offered to Wessex Heartbeat per JCI member that volunteers.

Volunteering at the triathlon involves marshalling either out on the cycle or run routes, by the pool or in a transition area.

Shifts available

6am - 12noon or 9am - 3pm shifts are available.

How to register

If anyone is interested, please contact and we will send you a full marshal briefing pack.

More information can be found HERE

To register please sign up HERE (volunteers registration at the bottom of the page). Please make sure you let us know via so we know how many members are coming and which shifts we sign up to

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11th Jan, 2017

JCI Southampton is taking part in JCI UK Pound A Day Challenge
by Sophie Delaporte on January 11, 2017 21:16


Blog » Community Projects » 15697780_1477468932293135_1488542028704679541_n.png

Can we live on £1 a day for seven days?

Well, that's what we'll be trying to do this week! JCI Southampton is taking part with Jaycees from all over the country in JCI UK Pound A Day Challenge 2017.

What's JCI UK Pound A Day Challenge?

Pound A Day is national campaign led by JCI UK encouraging our members to live on £1 a day to raise awareness of poverty and hunger in the UK and experience what it feels like to go through a week without access to the luxury foods we often take for granted.

This project is in aid of ‘Save The Children’, a charity that helps to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger around the world, and by so doing, helps to tackle the first two of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDG #1 and SDG #2) in the process.
Save The Children operate worldwide in developing countries, as well as right here in the United Kingdom.

What's involved?

Participants commit to spend up to £7 a week for the challenge. The difference between their weekly food budget and the £7 will be donated to Save The Children via JCI UK Just Giving Page

To see how the challenge's going nationally, follow #jciukpoundaday on social media and discover how JCI Southampton members and other Jaycees are coping.

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27th Jul, 2016

Become an Emergency Reserve Volunteer!
by on July 27, 2016 13:26



At JCI, we've always been heavily focused on helping our community. Be it through events such as our Gala Dinners (this year in aid of No Limits) or challenges (APB Southampton 10k and half marathon), we spend a lot of our time volunteering or fundraising in the local community. For those of you who are community-minded, we have another opportunity for you to get stuck in and really make a difference in a crisis.

The British Red Cross is recruiting Emergency Reserve Volunteers to build a workforce to handle many of the practical tasks which arise in emergency situations. This will range from filling and moving sandbags and cleaning up after a flood to sorting through supplies and fulfilling administration roles. All they ask is that you are over 18, live in the UK, have access to a phone which can send and receive SMS, and be fit enough to undertake basic manual tasks. By being a registered volunteer, the support that many of us offer the Red Cross in a crisis can be properly co-ordinated and we can be sent where people need volunteers the most.

This scheme is currently being trialled in Hampshire and Scotland, and the British Red Cross are currently looking for 250 volunteers. If you are able to help, and want to, please go to and fill out the registration form. The British Red Cross do amazing work both at home and abroad, and JCI Southampton wishes to support them in any way we can. 

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1st Jun, 2016

Pound a Day - I’ve been challenged to live on £1 a day
by Sophie Delaporte on June 1, 2016 18:28


Last week, I took part in JCI UK Pound a Day Challenge: living on £1 a day for food and drinks for 7 days. The aim was to understand the impact that hunger brings on our communities and raise money for Save the Children (my usual weekly expenses minus the £7 were donated to charity). Save the children works on preventing food poverty, not only in developing countries but also in the UK.

It was a really interesting and challenging experience. The £7 had to include food and drinks, including dining out and alcohol and we were not allowed to accept food from friends or colleagues. It was not only about donating money but also seeing what it is like to live in such a situation.

So, how was it?

Tough. It didn’t think it would be that hard. Not because of the amount of food you eat, but mainly because of its quality. I actually spent £6.70 last week.

Here is what I bought:

receipt asda.jpg

5 x onions
500g Porridge
Smart Price Pasta x 2 packs
Tinned pineapple
Mushy peas
4 x Smart Price tomato soup
1L of milk
Smart Price strawberry jam
Smart Price Cup soup (4 servings)


Goodbye meat, hot drinks and biscuits. But I was quite impressed by what you can actually find (4 cup soup for £0.20!). My meals were pretty boring as I wasn’t able to get very varied food throughout the week, so I ended up eating the same thing every day:

- Porridge for breakfast (with water, and a bit of milk)
- Pasta, carrots, onions and sausage for lunch
- Soup and two toasts (no butter!) for dinner.

Food for the week

It was frustrating to eat the same thing every day, but this is all I could come up with with the ingredients I had. But you can also get creative: a 24p tomato soup is also a perfect sauce alternative for your pasta (but I am glad I managed to afford some carrots and onions to go with it).

This was a great experience and I am glad I took part in it, as it made me change the way I see things or how I buy.


What I took from it

It is quite easy for us to go the shop to get a treat if we feel hungry in the middle of the day. On a £7 weekly budget, you can’t. You have to budget very carefully your week. My colleagues and friends were surprised to hear that I was not allowed to accept food and drinks from them, or even take advantage of the free food at work. But for people living in this situation, very few help them. We are more likely to get help because we are doing this as part of a challenge. I wasn’t always (very) hungry during the challenge, but I was actually worried I’ll be hungry. So I was thinking about food constantly. And then I got hungry.

This was a challenging experience but it did help to see so many JCI members getting involved in the project across the UK, so we could share tips and experiences throughout the week.

I think Pound a Day is a great way to raise awareness of poverty in the world and in the UK. People are more likely to understand food poverty if they can see how it affects someone they know. If I take part in the challenge again next year, I’ll probably do things slightly differently but I personally took a lot from the experience. Experiencing the struggle that thousands of people have to go through is an eye opener and a great conversation starter with friends and colleagues, mainly when they ask you why you are boycotting the free buffet with champagne and canapes at work!




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11th Apr, 2016

"JCI Southampton runs for No Limits" by Christelle Robertson
by Celestine Onomo on April 11, 2016 08:07


JCI Southampton are going the “extra mile” again and are embarking on a fun filled yet rewarding day by participating in the ABP Southampton 10K & Half marathon run in Southampton on the 24th of April 2016.

Council team » unnamed.jpg

The purpose of this community event is to try and raise funds, as well as raise awareness of our nominated charity No Limits to which JCI Southampton are supporting this year, as well as also having fun!

In total we have 6 runners members and non-members who have kindly dedicated their time to this wonderful cause and will be sure to do JCI Southampton and No limits very proud.  Listed below are the list of runners and their donating pages, please feel free to donate to a member or multiple members if you can to show your support, every little certainly helps!!

List of Runners:

Sophie Delaporte:

Kathryn Haines:

Ritchie Mazivanhanga:

Natasha Manuel:

Victoria Odey:

Gabriel Odey:

Sportingly yours,


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23rd Jun, 2015

Southampton Solent University Mentoring Program by Victoria Odey
by Celestine Onomo on June 23, 2015 20:22


JCI Southampton is actively supporting students and graduates from Southampton Solent University.

Our Deputy President Victoria Odey has been awarded the Mentor of the year for her support and commitment towards the programme.

Blog » Community Projects » Mentoring Awards 2015 - Nisha Haq-0398.jpgBlog » Community Projects » Mentoring Awards 2015 - Nisha Haq-0400.jpg

The annual Southampton Solent University Mentoring Celebration was an inspiring afternoon for students and graduates. Hosted by the employability and enterprise team, the event thanked and recognised the contribution of businesses, students and recent graduates to the success of this year’s programme.

Individuals and organisations become 'professional friends' to Solent students

Every year a range of individuals and organisations give their time regularly and freely to become a 'professional friend' to their mentee.

This year 85 mentors and 102 mentees participated in the programme, which includes a formal training element. Over the course of six months mentors provided student mentees with work-related personal advice, practical employability skills and industry-specific information.

In addition to the more traditional one-to-one support, some participating organisations such as E3 Consulting, Carnival UK, Old Mutual Wealth, Ordnance Survey, and Countess Mountbatten Hospice Charity took a group-mentoring approach, and provided workshops to support employability needs.

Mentor of the year: Victoria Odey, Hampshire Chambers of Commerce

Victoria's mentee said: "Victoria was flexible, making sure we continued to communicate even at the busiest times. She helped me explore different options and opportunities, gave me endless support and advice. Best of all she helped me develop industry contacts and enabled me to secure a social media marketing role."

Mentee of the year: Emily Alcock

Emily’s mentor was from Hampshire Constabulary and said:" “Emily was always willing to address the key issues. She wasn’t intimidated by people or processes and used her previous work experience and focussed on the outcome ahead. She gained a great place on the JP Morgan Graduate Scheme that will see her flying around the world over the next two years."

Outstanding Contribution 2015: Carnival UK

Received by Bob Dixon, General Manager – EMEA Sales, and Frank Somers, Solutions Architect.

Outstanding Contribution: E3 consulting

Received by Zoe Toseland, Marketing Administrator & Ian Barwick, Research Administrator.

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