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26th Jun, 2013

Just Dive Straight In!
by Drew Charman on June 26, 2013 17:59


Kathryn Haines joined the JCI Southampton Council team in January this year after being a member for only a few months.  Here's her account of why it's been a great experience for her:

"I decided there's no better way to get involved in JCI than to just dive straight in!
I took on the role of Marketing & Social Media Director even though I had very little marketing experience.  It didn't matter though as, in February, JCI UK held a Marketing Academy for a weekend in Birmingham where I learnt almost everything I needed to know - from the basics about what JCI is and what we do, to how to design documents and use the website.  I certainly came back from the Academy with plenty of ideas and eager to get started on my new role!
One of the main things I have done in this role is to start a new Facebook page for JCI Southampton.  I'm really proud of the page, especially now that we have reached 100 likes!  It's regularly updated with information about what we're up to and photos & videos of our events.  It's a great way to get very current news about the chamber and about JCI UK too.
Our Twitter page has also recently passed the 200 followers mark and I am hopeful for increasing this further!
There is still plenty more to do with the marketing for the chamber and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the next six months!  I would certianly encouarge any members of JCI to join the Council of their local chamber or to simply get involved in a project they would like to be a part of.

Don't forget - if you have any marketing suggestions for the Southampton chamber, please feel free to contact me!"


JCI UK Marketing Academy 2013

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24th Jun, 2013

JCI European Conference - A First Timer's Perspective
by Drew Charman on June 24, 2013 21:29


James Lambert, 2013 JCI Southampton Community Director, attended his first JCI Conference in Monaco at the end of May.  Here's what he had to say about the experience:

"I was apprehensive that I didn't know many people but the UK delegation were all really friendly and I have met loads of great people who are all really passionate about the difference that JCI can make to their local community and the rest of the world.
During the conference I got to attend various training sessions about how JCI make changes to local communities; got inspired by some really motivational speakers; got to walk the Formula One Track; did LOTS of partying and socialising; helped raise money for our Nothing But Nets Charity through the sale of wristbands; and increased my friends base.
I took part in the First Timers competition which involved answering a number of questions about the conference and I was extremely fortunate to win the Best First Timer Award which involved collecting a trophy at the Awards Ceremony and getting free entry to the 2014 European Conference in Malta!


James Lambert - First Timers Award Winner, 2013 JCI European Conference, Monaco.jpg


It is hard to describe the buzz and enthusiasm that surrounds the conference from such a passionate group of people and I can honestly say that my perception of JCI has changed (it has got even better!).
If you would like to experience what JCI is all about then you MUST go to a JCI conference. This year the JCI UK National Convention will be held in November in Leeds.  I hope to see you there!!  If you can't make Leeds, then why not join me & lots of fellow JCI UK members next June in Malta for the 2014 European Conference!

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4th Jun, 2013

JCI Southampton Holds Training Event For Young Unemployed
by Drew Charman on June 4, 2013 13:19


On a monthly basis the JCI Southampton team organise and run a variety of training events for the city's young professionals.  On the 15th May at the Costa Academy in Southampton High Street, members and non-members were invited to attend our latest training event entitled "Getting Your Perfect Job & Interview Techniques".

This training event was run by local award-winning recruitment firm Future Employment.  Alicia Lidell and Frank Canonico, both experienced recruitment professionals, kindly took the time to impart their knowledge and experience to JCI Southampton members throughout the 90-minute event.  Frank and Alicia focused on key areas throughout the evening including writing and developing your CV, the job application process and interview techniques.

CVs and the Application Process

Alicia described and demonstrated a CV template that outlined the key information employers look for and a simple structure for our guests to follow and apply to there own Curriculum Vitaes.  She went into depth about the information you need to include, the best way to display it and the common faux pas candidates fall into when creating their CVs.  After this initial demonstration she moved onto the topic that was most commented on and sought after - how do I get my CV in front of employers?  This is the task that most find the hardest in such challenging times and here are Alicia's top tips to get your CV out there:

  1. Use jobs boards and online recruitment portals such as and
  2. Get your CV into recruitment agencies
  3. Network with your friends and peers to identify potential job opportunities
  4. Be persistent and resilient
  5. Think outside the box, Billboards, Video CVs - anything at all that will help you stand out.


Frank led this section and immediately started to ask everyone in the group about their experiences and what they thought were the most important things to do at interviews.  The obvious things such as appearance, turning up on time, firm handshake and being polite and respectful all came up immediately.  However, the main thing that really stood out was that the guests really wanted to ask Frank how they could best communicate to an employer their skills and attributes.  Interviews are nerve-racking and daunting, and many struggle to come across with confidence and fluency.  Frank recommended a few simple ways to help bridge this common problem:

1. Take a notepad into interview with you.  Firstly, you can have questions written down for the employer - this will allow you to show you're prepared and are interested to find out more about the role.  Secondly, it will allow you to take down notes and refer to examples you have already prepared on likely questions.

2. If they offer you a drink, use it to your advantage!  If an interviewer throws you a hard question, or you need to think about it, by taking a drink you can pause and take a few seconds longer to come back with that perfect answer.

The one thing that really struck me about the whole training event was how interactive and inclusive Alicia and Frank made it.  At all times they asked the guests to contribute with their individual experiences, questions and thought processes to ensure all the guests got as much out of the event as possible.  This made for a really relaxed and informal atmosphere for a subject that can be quite rigid and boring.

The event was extremely well attended and the majority of our guests were young unemployed candidates looking for help and advice to get them into work.  Guests enjoyed Domino's pizza and free refreshments throughout the event to ensure no-one went hungry.

I must say I was very impressed to witness the positive impact that JCI Southampton is having on young people in the city through the training events we run.  Overall, the event was a great success - it was great fun, very informative and helped achieve JCI Southampton's goals of supporting the city's young people and having a positive impact on the wider community.

Future Events

Our next training event is on the 12th June, at the Costa Academy in Southampton.  Former JCI Portsmouth President Jasmine Lambert will be discussing "How To Protect Your Wealth".  Back by popular demand the event is guaranteed to be great fun, very informative and will open your eyes to the world of investments and financial planning!

Josh Williams, Training & Events Director



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