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24th Apr, 2013

Community Action in 2013
by Drew Charman on April 24, 2013 15:17


James Lambert, 2013 Community Director for JCI Southampton, shares his goals for the rest of the year:

"Since taking over as 2013 Communtiy Director my first priority has been to raise awareness of World Malaria Day which happens annually on 25th April. JCI is a proud sponsor of "Nothing But Nets" (visit for more info) which is a global charity focused on providing mosquito nets to areas most affected by malaria.


Nothing But Nets

One mosquito net can save up to 4 lives and JCI UK is aiming to save 1800 lives by buying 450 nets in 2013.  One net costs $10 which works out about £6.50 (less than 2 pints of beer!).  In Southampton we are keen to play a part in raising awareness of how parts of the world are affected by malaria and also to make a significant difference to a community by raising funds to buy 50 nets.

Any donation, no matter how big or small, will have a dramatic impact on the life expectancy in some of the poorest parts of the world.  To donate please go to

In addition to time spent in relation to World Malaria Day I have also started planning other fundraising events to raise money and awareness for JCI Southampton's 2013 charity partner which is the Southampton Hospital Charity - our particular fundraising focus is to help the Cystic Fibrosis Ward of Southampton General Hospital. Please check our Events page or our Facebook page regularly for details of forthcoming events."

Southampton Hospital Charity


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22nd Apr, 2013

Southampton Parkrun - a newbie's experience
by Drew Charman on April 22, 2013 16:59


One intrepid member of the JCI Southampton Council team donned her running shoes early on Saturday morning to join the Parkrun crew & complete the weekly 5km run around Southampton Common.

Southampton parkrun

Photo Credit: Paul Hammond


Kat Haines, JCI Southampton's Marketing Director for 2013, enjoyed it so much that she couldn't wait to share her enthusiasm for the event & share her thoughts on the experience:

"So, I finally gave in to the gentle persuasion of my fellow Council team members to attend Parkrun on Saturday morning.

I was a little nervous about going; my main concern being that out of the hundreds of people who attend each week I would come last.  Now, I know someone has to come last and it isn't a competition, but I was still determined that there would be people behind me!

It turns out that it wasn't that bad - yes I could barely breathe and thought I was going to keel over at one point, and yes, the following day every single muscle in my body hurt, but I survived!!  This was mostly down to the fact that James Lambert, our Community Director, agreed to run with me at my pace and was extremely encouraging at the moments when I felt like I could do no more - a massive thank you James for this!

I would definitely go again and would recommend others to go too - even if it seems scary to complete a 5km run.  It's definitely achievable (I'm living proof), especially when you do it with the wider support of the JCI Southampton team!"


P.S.  And for those of you wondering, Kat ran the 5km in a very respectable 'first timer' time of 32m 32s.  Well done Kat !!!

If you're interested in joining the JCI Southampton team for a Parkrun event (& supporting Southampton Hospital Charity, our nominated charity for this year) please check out the Events page for the next available date!  We'd love to see you there....

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